October 13 in the computer lab

Today we are leaving great comments. We watched the video from Mrs. Yollis’ class and learned the following tips to great commenting:

  1. Leave a compliment about something specific
  2. Add information to the post
  3. Make a connection to the post
  4. End with a question
  5. Proofread your work looking for punctuation, capital letters and spelling

We added one more – Give some information about where you are from and what grade you are in.

Click here for a list of blogs that you can visit to leave great comments.

Finished commenting…try these measurement activities:

 Exactly How Old Are You?

Measure it

2 thoughts on “October 13 in the computer lab

  1. That was our task this week, too. Except when we got to the computer lab, we found out that a car or truck had run into a power pole and took the phone lines down. No internet — which makes it difficult to do commenting. I hope your class had more luck than ours!

  2. Dear Mrs. Smith and class,

    Thanks so much for the fabulous additional tip about adding a little information about where you are from and what grade you are in! I will add that to the post and credit you here! Great idea!

    Here is a connection for you. When we went to the computer lab last week, we were right in the middle of posting comments…and the power went out! We don’t know what happened to cause the outage, but we lost many quality comments. 🙁

    May the power be with you! 🙂

    Mrs. Y♥llis
    California/3rd grade